Me Me Me

I have been referred to as: Talking Wallpaper (Mother – 1995), a Bit Much (Friends – 2006), a Bit of a Wally (People – 2006-2016). No one will listen to me any more… Over to you buddy.

2016 was a remarkable year, mostly remarkably bad. Brexit, Trump, Post-Truth society, Arsenal’s dismal title challenge… Anyone else want to go back yet? What 2017 really needs is a sincere but blinkered blogger and commentator.  To this end I am going to opine about the state of the world. Decry the state of Arsenal. Froth at the injustice of it all. Don’t worry, you don’t need to listen to Radiohead as you read. I will also ‘review’ various travel, technology and political content providers – we could all do with a good laugh.

I’m a twenty-something (yawn), technical writer, digital marketeer, tech salesman and loudmouth. If you’re interested in reading my textual diarrhoea go ahead. No one’s stopping you. Seriously. Ellipses. Fade to black.